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We have recently provided a complete website rebuild for Cayley Chemicals, a well known, very successful, established company in the Chemical Industry. The old site was built, like many still are, some years ago using a hosting company’s own ‘site builder’. While hosting company site builder software serves a purpose, the applications are very limited in their ability to produce high quality, bespoke sites that customers have come to expect over recent years and Cayley Chemicals were aware that they needed to update their website to a standard that reflected their position in the chemical industry.

Cayley Chemicals approached iConnik solutions with the brief to combine their two websites (Cayley Chemicals and CCC Trading) into one and to update the sites with a modern look, keep it simple and professional with fast load speeds, make it search engine friendly and secure. We had a good hard look at the content and proposed that basically a one page website would meet the needs for most content with additional pages for corporate information (group finance etc), a blog to keep customers up-to-date and a privacy policy. We produced an outline of our plan and a provided a price for the work. A few additional requirements were requested by Cayley during the development process and these were included in the final product for a small additional fee. We completed the assignment in 10 days from the date our proposal was accepted. On completion, Philip Mills, the CEO & MD of Cayley Chemical said:

I am absolutely delighted with our new site. An overhaul was well over due and the site now reflects the standards we allude to across the whole of our business. iConnik Solutions have exceeded our expectations, kept us informed throughout the development and have produced a first class website.

The second website (CCC Trading) has been redirected to Cayley Chemicals (using a 301 redirection instruction from the domains .htaccess file) with the result that none of the ‘SEO juice’ has been lost. This is a massive benefit since there is now only a single site to maintain. Since completion, Philip has also asked us to create new ‘cover’ graphics for his Social Media networks that extend the branding of the new website to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. Although our input has been minimal, there is no doubt that the improvement in quality and design of Social Media network graphics has made an immediate impact on the impression that a potential customer will have.

You can see the new Cayley Chemicals website here

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