How to: Open Toggle from text link

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Below is an extract from our ‘Tips & Tricks‘ page.

The Toggle Modules can be opened directly by clicking a link on a page or even in the Dashboard. This is achieved by adding a CSS ID to each module e.g. lightbox-link and then adding that to the text link URL e.g. ……..iconnik/tips-tricks/#lightbox-link 

How to: Open Toggle from text link

Note: CSS ID tags (anchor tags) are added to Sections, Rows and Modules in the Advanced section and the name given to the CSS ID must be unique, without any spaces and without the # in the Section, Row or Module. The # is only added to the text link URL. An example of an anchor tag taking you to a section on another page in a new tab can be seen by clicking Testimonials

For this to work, it is necessary to add the following code to Divi | Integration, in the body section:

An example of this could be that you want to create a help page or FAQ somewhere on your site and link text to a toggle module on a different page. e.g. you could create a panel on the dashboard using a plugin such as White Label CMS and create a series of ‘How To’ links to assist editors (a little HTML knowledge is required to create the text, links, bullets etc in a Dashboard Panel in WL CMS). By clicking the link, the user will be sent to the appropriate page, the individual toggle will be opened and then the page will scroll down so the opened toggle is aligned with the top of the page.
If the scroll to an anchor tag on another page is inaccurate in Divi (not aligning to top of page), see our tip to fix this ……iconnik/tips-tricks/#idtag which is another example of this ‘Open Toggle from Text Link’.

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