How to: Fix – style.css not updating in chrome

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Below is an extract from our ‘Tips & Tricks‘ page.

In chrome, sometimes changes to the child theme style.css do not update in the browser. An example on this website was where some text was added to the contact form via the child style.css file and then at a later date, the text was removed from style.css yet on the mobile platform, the text still appeared even though it didn’t on the desktop . This is because the css is cached in the browser itself, so even though the cache and minified css has been deleted on the server via the caching plugin (WPFC in this case), it still persists in the mobile browser even after clearing the browser cache on Android.

To fix this, go into the child.css file (Appearance | Editor | style.css) and in the top section, change the version number e.g from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2  

How to: Fix - style.css not updating in chrome

Chrome then recognises that the style.css has changed and reloads it.

Voila, changes are now reflected in the browser.

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