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VAT ‘Making Tax Digital’

From April 2019, HMRC are introducing ‘Making Tax Digital’ (MTD) which means you will no longer be able to key in figures via the HMRC VAT web portal. You may have read that you need fancy accounting software at significant expense to overcome this change BUT THIS IS...

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How to: Increase width of Divi Slider text on mobile

The full width slider module squishes the width of the slide titles on mobile which wastes space on the left and right which consequently causes the text to be vertically elongated (extra lines of text) This can be avoided by adding the following CSS to...

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Create a Masonry Search Result Page

The default search results page is bland, to say the least. The tutorial below will show you how to create  a three grid masonry page with a search results title at the top which shows the search term entered, shadow on the normal state and *an inset shadow on hover....

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How to: Make Divi Footer Sticky or Fixed

Below is an extract from our ‘Tips & Tricks‘ page. The default behaviour of a footer in Divi is that it is at the bottom of the page and doesn't show until you scroll to the bottom. However, if you have a very short page (less than the screen height) the footer...

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How to: Prevent span tags being stripped from text editor

Below is an extract from our ‘Tips & Tricks‘ page. When using span tags in the text editor with Tiny MCE Advanced plugin active (may apply to MCE generally), span tags were being stripped when switching from text editor to visual editor. To prevent this, the...

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How to: Style WP-Pagenavi

Below is an extract from our ‘Tips & Tricks‘ page. WP Pagenavi is an established and reputable plugin that turn the standard older entries/next entries into something far more eye-pleasing and useful. The default settings of Pagenavi are pretty good, but if you...

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How to: Fix Blog Module pagination issues

Below is an extract from our ‘Tips & Tricks‘ page. In Divi 3.0.72, AJAX pagination was introduced which caused a problem with the text in the button described in Tips & Tricks 'How to: Change ‘Read More’ text on the Blog Module to an Animated Button' to revert...

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How to: Paste snippets or code into a blog or page

Below is an extract from our ‘Tips & Tricks‘ page. There are many plugins and different online apps that will assist with this, but the method we use, on the basis of simplicity and reliability, is to use Pastebin to generate the highlighted syntax and then to...

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